Apr 20, 2023
Key Elements to Be Considered Whilst Designing The Exterior of A Retail Store

With changing times, the consumers’ expectation from the brand, its products/services along with the shopping feel it provides is different considerably. This has forced retail proprietors to re-define their store proposition and undertake recognised measures to cope with the varying needs of the consumers. As a store is the powerful tool in the hands of retail keepers to meet consumer’s growing expectations, retailers now give adequate emphasis to retail interior planning.

Exterior store design is one in the main factors that shape the perception in the consumers about the store. It is the initial thing a consumer sees concerning the store, which makes it a deciding factor if they should type in the store or otherwise not. Hence, exterior store design should communicate an amazing image from the store and entice consumers to come inside. The elements that affect the surface look of the store include store fascia, window displays and store entrance.

a) Store Fascia: Store fascia could be the most visible and primary expression of a company’s identity. It tells customers what your store is about whilst portraying the positive along with the right image in the store. The store fascia ought to be developed in a way that it accurately represents your organization and attracts the right audience. It must be unique and popular with entice passers-by into a shop.

b) Window Displays: Window displays emerged from merely products stocking spaces to potential marketing strategy. It is an important point of contact between the store and customer and it has tremendous power to attract visitors. By thoughtful displays of best store merchandise in window displays, you can actually convert the passing by visitors into loyal customers. However, avoid clutter of products as it distracts the visitors. Keep the window displays clean so that it gives a proper preview in the store inside. Change the positioning of items, photos, mannequins as well as other items on the display after periodic intervals. Also, use bold colours and proper lighting to spotlight the products on the display and attract the customers can use into a shop.

c) Entrance: The work is half done every time a visitor is greeted with a well-designed entrance that sets his/her mood for a purchase. Determine the volume of entrances that your particular store must have for the basis from the store layout and traffic. The purpose from the front entrance and also the back entrances will vary, hence the structure must be done with the purposes the entrance serves. The entrances must be wide, spacious and welcoming. There ought to be no clutter or barriers at the entrances. Also, nice graphics on the entrance and exit produce a lasting impression about the visitors. Entrances also needs to give an introduction to what a consumer should expect after entering a shop.

Thus, the exterior elements, including store fascia, window displays and entrance all interact in creating a pleasing and function retail design that catches the customer’s attention and leads them into the store.

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